Get Ready for Winter with Egholm Machines


When winter calls, Egholm stands behind you. Snowy, ice-filled roads, paths and sidewalks await. 

The count down for winter has begun and Egholm are getting ready with 4 special winter packages on the Park Ranger 2150, including cabin with or without salt and sand spreader, with snow sweeper, snow plough or snow V-plough. The combination is your choice.

Whatever challenges you face this winter, you can count on the Park Ranger 2150 to keep you moving!

An assortment of attachments are also available for the City Range 2260 and City Range 3070: 

  • Snow sweeper

  • Snow blower

  • Snow plough

  • Snow v-plough

  • Salt and sand spreader

Ruck Engineering | Egholm Park Ranger 2150 with Snow Sweeper and Salt Spreader attachments

All attachments for the Park Ranger 2150 are developed and built by Egholm. This makes them ideally suited for the task at hand and ensures that they fit the Park Ranger 2150 perfectly.

You can also get the attachments on their own without the Park Ranger 2150 at strong prices. Take the opportunity to upgrade your equipment before winter strikes. 

Egholm supply quality machines and functional attachments to people who do an honest day's work keeping our cities clean, well maintained and attractive. But more than that: We strive to always focus on development, innovation, quality and a clear, direct dialogue with our customers and partners - and that is why we use the term "Honest Work" to describe everything we do.


Ruck Engineering are now able to offer road sweepers, street sweepers and outdoor sweepers for use throughout the North East of England in Darlington, Durham, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire to help our customers keep there streets, estates and businesses clean all year round. 

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