Egholm City Ranger 2260 Sweeper

Industrial Road/Street Sweepers - Ride-on Sweeper Teesside

The powerful petrol engine with 4-wheel drive allows you to take care of all sweeping, ground care and winter assignments in the city. A complete range of tailor-made quality attachments ensures perfect results.

What you get is maximum versatility and efficiency - by the world’s fastest shift between attachments, articulated maneuverability, easy handling and operation with maximum operator comfort.



The City Ranger 2260 is versatile, but it is also specialised to suit your daily tasks. With the wide range of attachments available, you have a machine that performs every task perfectly without compromise in quality, speed or final result.

The sturdy A-frame on the vehicle invented and designed by Egholm allows the operator to change attachments without tools. All mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected by simply turning one handle - and the machine is ready to set off. No time wasted in the workshop - it couldn't be easier!


Great manoeuvrability and easy handling

Compact design and articulated steering ensure that the City Ranger 2260 can turn on a plate - almost. With an inside turning circle of just 1200 mm, the City Ranger 2260 can almost wrap itself around lamp posts and other obstructions in the city landscape.

Besides, easy handling is key both for efficiency and for the safety of the operator.

Dedicated and yet with great versatility

With the City Ranger 2260, you only need to invest in one machine for several tasks.  

Industrial Road/Street Sweepers - Ride-on Sweeper Teesside

Industrial Road/Street Sweepers - Ride-on Sweeper Teesside

Your direct benefits:

  • Low initial investment
  • More yearly working hours - quick return on investment
  • Less training for operating different machines
  • Less space needed for storage facilities

Unique Quick-shift

Thanks to the unique Egholm Quick-shift system, attachment changes can be made in just one minute.

Simply pick-up the front attachment with the machine, turn the handle and all mechanical, hydraulic, water and electrical systems are connected and ready to go!


Across Europe, cities are increasingly concerned about air quality and other environmental issues. One of these is reducing the emissions from machines and vehicles in the cities - especially reduction of NOx particles is in focus. One solution to this is the use of petrol-fuelled engines.

As per 2019 the City Ranger 2260 will be delivered with petrol engines, making them good choices for municipalities and service contractors when selecting a new utility machine for city maintenance. City Ranger 2260 is ready to be introduced now and will be delivered with a stage V petrol engine.
But complying with the new emission trends and requirements are not the only benefits you will experience. We expect that the new petrol engines will have lower service and maintenance costs compared to its alternatives as well as higher user comfort.

You can read all about our new petrol-driven machines in this brochure - and you are always welcome to contact your local dealer to find out more.


Technical specifications Unit Basis machine
Length mm 2400
Width mm 1070
Height with cabin / roll bar (ROPS) mm 1960 / 2000
Weight with cabin / roll bar (ROPS)1 kg 940 / 910
Payload kg 670 / 700
Gross vehicle weight (GWA) kg 1610
Turning circle - kerb to kerb mm 3280
Turning circle - inside mm 1200
Engine: Kubota petrol WG-972-G-E4 hp/kW 33 / 24
4-wheel drive   Standard

A full range of functional attachments

Sweeping Ground care Winter
Suction sweeper Rotary, mulch or collection mower 1200 Snow sweeper
  Rotary or mulch mower 1600 Snow plough
  Grass collector Snow V-blade
  Flail mower / verticutter Salt and sand spreader
  Lawn edger  
  Load carrier  
  Tipping shovel  
  Weed brush  



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