Another successful demonstration carried out for 2 x MAC International Ride-On Sweepers for a local timber manufacturer who were struggling to clean and maintain wood dust, wood shavings and forklift tyre dust.

The MAC SW78 Gemma sweeper was chosen as the machine for the job and a 3 year contract hire has been agreed, fully inclusive of maintenance.

The machine will be used daily to clean and maintain 4 large sheds and the larger machine was chosen due to its hydraulic waste hopper which will eliminate manual lifting when emptying the hopper after use.

The MAC SW78 Gemma also has a larger sweeping capacity and a larger waste hopper compartment, which helps maintain the large cleaning area and reduces cleaning time.

If you need help and assistance with your cleaning requirements or for more information on our floor sweepers please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. We will be happy to help!

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